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The Pot Belly - What Are You Waiting For?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The Pot Belly is very special restaurant offering an authentic Bihari cuisine at the Bihar Nivas in Delhi. One of numerous state houses or bhawans in New Delhi offering regional cuisine at reasonable rates, The Pot Belly was a real treat. I wasn't really expecting much, probably more of the same traditional Indian food but what I discovered is a sudden flavorful interest in even knowing where Bihar was on the map and other interesting facts about the state that I would never have been inspired to do had I not gone here.

What the hell was I waiting for?

This rustic style restaurant is a nice large open space, with two levels of seating. The tables are like family kitchen tables with refurbished upholstery each with a box of utensils and napkins, and gave me a feeling of my childhood kitchen. We started with the baggia, rice dough stuffed with dal and boiled in water. In other places, this dish is known as phara. This delicious starter was served with green and orange chutney. We order the rose ice tea, which was light and refreshing and the chili masala lemonade which had a just enough spice to complement the tartness of the lemon.

For lunch, Takari Tali and Litti Mutton.

In the Tahari Tali, the main attraction was the dal. The chana dal felt like home and the two pieces of dal khachori made me as excited as having a fresh loaf of Italian bread. The chana and khachori were supporting actors to my favorite part of the dish: the pumpkin sabajee! My plate was topped off with boondi raita, which is made with soothing curd and chick pea flower. The Litti Mutton's main attraction was, of course, the mutton. This onion based gravy with spices melts in your mouth and the mutton was cooked to perfection. They provided four littis filled with chick pea flour and spices. A side of eggplant and potatoe chokra, typical compliments of the litti.

The staff was pleasant, helpful with the menu and attentive to our needs throughout the meal. The seating was nicely distanced, which allowed just enough privacy at each table.

The cost of the whole meal was slightly more than buying a burger meal from a fast food delivery service. This food was a bargain for the atmosphere, food and service.

Self Inquiry: I left this restaurant thinking, what else have I not done, here in India and in my life, that I want to do. When I discovered that New Delhi has a bhawan's for every state in their country, I decided to make a list and visit them all!

Questions: Get a journal and a pen and answer the following questions.

  1. What have you still not done that you said you were going to do? Make a list of 10 things (no worries if you can only think of 5).

  2. Circle your top 3.

  3. Pick 1 of your top 3 things to work with.

  4. Focus on the 1. What is in the way of you doing that 1 thing?

  5. What does it look like when you do that thing? Who are you with? What are you experiencing?

  6. Right now, what do you need to give up to do the thing? (doubt, fear, the right time, etc.)

  7. What can you do right now to ensure you take action and do the thing? (make a reservation, pay for it, put it on your calendar, etc.)