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About Me

There is a quote in India that says, “Live Young, Live Free”. As a Brooklyn girl raised in the age of rotary phones and playing outside until your mother called you in for supper, I never gave much thought into the meaning of things. All I knew as a child was that I was supposed to grow up, finish school, get a job, get married, have some kids, buy a house and most of all, be successful. It never crossed my mind that I would one day loose my jovial childhood spirit as I transcended into adulthood. I guess I subconsciously always thought I had to give up my childhood spirit in order to become what the world told me I should be. Along the way, I was enthusiastic and full of innovative ideas, but in most of the environments I pursued my success, that enthusiasm was stifled and my ideas diminished. 

I made my way to India for the first time in 2018. I never really had any intention of visiting India and as fate would have it, my yoga training led me there. My yoga practice began after 9/11. As a responder of that tragic day,  I used the tools and teaching of yoga to navigate panic attacks I experienced soon after. In the years that followed, all of the shame I felt about my self, buried deep within, broke free and my yoga practice provided me the tools to unpack each untruth, one by one, and work towards connecting back to the true essence of myself.


So there I was in India, letting India do to me what it has done for so many. Expose my masks. The many masks I wore. All of the masks that I had to put on to survive a youth that forced me into adulthood so early. I made several trips to India and each time, contemplated what was next for me. I couldn't figure it out. I had been successful in many areas of my life and yet, I plateaued. I couldn't go any farther. I knew something was missing. One day in India, while staring at the Himalayan mountains and chanting “Sa Ta Na Ma”, I decided. I had to give everything up and get clear on what I really wanted. In the midst of Covid, I went back to New York City, and surrendered. I left a comfortable relationship, house, community and personal belongings. I put my intention and attention on living in India. I rented a cheap one room apartment in Brooklyn and within one years time, my manifestation became my reality.


In the moment I accepted that I forgot who I really was, I decided to take action and reclaim my jovial self. That person who loved create, perform and lead. I  covered up my true self in order to survive my past and I got caught up in what the world told me success was. The words “Sa Ta Na Ma” literally translates to “my true essence”. I had been singing those words and didn't even know their meaning until I got curious and read about it. I starting journaling about how I got here and realized that when I was singing those words in India, I was actually cheering for myself to reclaim my life,  buried underneath the layers of my so called success.  


This website is an opportunity for your to discover something buried deep within you and to reclaim my best life. I invite you to join me on my journey. Sign up for classes, listen to my podcast, read my book and follow me on social media. From my discovery to yours, be inspired to take action and create your best life!


Thank you being a part of this community!

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